About Us

Strategy Focused Group is an acclaimed leadership development consultancy where the science of strategy meets the art of execution.

Our specialized services range from leadership development to human resource upskilling, offering certified and non-certified courses, all customized to fit your unique organizational needs.

Our Approach

Our approach is led by a past CEO and twice CHRO, bringing the invaluable experience of steering organizations from the C-suite to every level.

Having delivered projects in over 20 countries, we understand the intricate dynamics of leadership – each role plays its part, yet when all parts collaborate in harmony, the results are truly transformative.

Our Background
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Our background as senior leaders and having sat in those client spaces give us an outside-inside approach.

Today, we are working globally on a variety of business and leadership issues of all sizes and projects.

Our Mission

We solve people's issue within the organization

Our mission at Strategy Focused Group is to empower organizations with the skills and strategies needed to transform their leadership teams into a Symphonic C-suite. Our philosophy is centered around five key principles:

Translate the Strategy into a People Strategy

Align the Organization to the Strategy: From the C-Suite to the lowest level of the Org. Chart

Make Strategy Everyone's Everyday Job

Make Strategy a Continuous Process

Mobilize Change Through Executive Leadership

Through these guiding principles, we aim to dismantle operational silos, foster a culture of cross-functional collaboration, and create organizational resilience. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to resonate with your organization’s unique rhythm and align with your overarching vision and values.


Ron Thomas is the Managing Director of Strategy Focused Group.

He is a visiting executive senior faculty member at the Human Capital Institute, an Adjunct Facilitator at the Howard University EMBA program, and the American University of The Emirates.

He also serves as a facilitator at the Global Human Resources Leadership Institute at Howard University School of Business in Washington, DC. He is also an instructor at The American University of The Emirates in the MBA Program. He is a member of the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board. Ron is the former CEO of Great Place to Work-Gulf and CHRO of Al Raha Group, based in Riyadh, and former VP of HR Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Our Team

We have the best team

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